Our Story – Our Journey !

Love is giving and seeing your smile !

Vietnam is now leading the charge in the social enterprise movement and we are in with the top 10 countries in the world, including Singapore, Korea, the United Kingdom, France and Australia.

Founded in 2015 by Nguyen Ngoc Thu Ha, Papaya Spa ( the first step of the Lotus Danang ) provides vocational training, employment and support for the women from the village of central of Vietname , including all woman are living in the countryside and the poor village in the neighbor within about 300 kms radius down to the south or up to the north of vietnam . Its aim is to prove that village people without full knowledge can be successful in a competitive business environment.

While recruitment of staff is easy, teaching job skills can often be a challenge. Papaya Spa employs 17 single village women and 6 single mothers . The staff go through a six-month training programme before they start work with just a small allowance . Constant supervision is required, but it is worth the effort. The staff are sincere and hard working.

As soon as Mrs Ha realized that : There are so many single mothers that she met along the roads , those were working so hard at the construction beside the house with just normal paycheck with a lot of stressful from their bosses or the 38-degree hot summer of the Central . Mrs Ha was thinking about setting up a social enterprise and of course that thought followed and nagging her during over eight months . The question are : How to connect single mother community in the city? Or will they persuade to change jobs at the site to take a move ? The question is succession and financial capacity constraints are the biggest issues that need to be overcome at the moment.

Somehow , over a year looking for connections and time to prepare All backgrounds , Lotus Danang was born and is known as an ideal workplace for single mothers in the city and surrounding areas. The Lotus Danang is a giver who provides the single mothers a better life with their children in the city . But Don’t treat the Lotus Danang as an NGO for Donor-driven agendas are unsustainable. We are an social enterprise business for women , run by woman and all the benefits for women only . The Lotus Danang is known as an amazing massage center in the city for giving customers the best treating with many massage therapy methods .

We are located at four different but convenient locations:

1. Papaya Spa: 310 Nguyen Van Linh street
Tel : +84 2363 537 222

2. Lotus Massage My Khe :139 Nguyen Van Thoai street
Tel : +84 2363 537 336

3. Lotus Massage :210 Ho Nghinh street
Tel : +84 2366 656 577

4. Jang Mi Spa :134 Tran Phu Street
Tel: +84 2363 537 117

As we were smiling all the long day about : anyone can do a good job but single mothers will do better than all. That is so true and indeed they really do need the job and always cherish and understand the value they have driven . Join our service and give them a change for showing the little happy dancing with their children every night when they made home safely and the children was awaken for waiting their mom .

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